Hi there! I'm Natasha Prentice founder and editor of Explore Yarrawonga/Mulwala. 

Explore Yarrawonga/Mulwala started on social media in 2016 and the sole purpose behind the pages was to accentuate the beautiful towns and everything they have to offer. There are many hidden treasures in Yarrawonga/Mulwala and surrounding areas that so many people manage to skim over, so I endeavour to bring these to peoples attention and increase awareness of everything there is to see and do to make sure people make the most of their time spent in our beautiful area. My main dedication is to provide people with inspiration for everything from food, good coffee, shopping opportunities, entertainment and activities to participate in with the family, to ways in which they can simply recognise and experience the provincial beauty of the area. I also like to write random mumbo jumbo about things I'm into at any one time, things that inspire me or make me laugh that I feel others would appreciate (whether or not they actually do I have no idea! I just keep writing them anyway), recipes I've tried and loved, happenings in the media that grab my attention as well as other advisory articles about ways to improve your lifestyle! These have nothing to do with the area as such, but that's the beauty of a Blog - there is so much flexibility in the ways you can share your thoughts, ideas and recommendations to engage readers, plus it's super fun and enjoyable, having a platform to blurt out anything and everything you perceive valuable and amusing just for the hell of it! 

While a lot of what I write is voluntary, just for the sake of sharing what I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on, I do work with businesses who's products or services I personally love and utilise to write feature articles and come up with a marketing plan to get their brand in front of people that will equally enjoy and benefit from getting to know their offerings. These are a fantastic way for me to create content for those who need it in order to grow their business, and why not do so, when I love to share with my readers the opportunities they have to benefit from these businesses - I do this with intentions to create a strong, supportive community where I can help bring amazing businesses' products/services to the attention of the right people! 

I love to share my favourite experiences to others so they can jump on board and experience them for themselves as there really is so much to soak up and enjoy! 

I also love hearing of other peoples experiences, so if you're like me and feel the need to make sure people aren't missing out on any 'must do's' that you know of, please feel free to contact me via email with anything you wish to share (contact link at the footer of the page). 

Thanks for visiting my Blog, I hope you enjoy having a read of how Yarrawonga/Mulwala and surrounds is portrayed by others and get some inspo for your next adventure in the area!

Natasha x