#7 Recipe/Gardening Books That're Well Worth A Read This Spring

Spring is here! 

Spring is hands down my favourite time of the year - flowers are blossoming, all of the much loved fruit and veg are coming in to season, the skies are blue (mostly) and the mild temperatures are welcomed with open arms after a long freezing cold Winter! 

One thing I especially love about Spring is the fact that the herb garden and veggie patch are looking voluminous, colourful and healthy! It is also a great time to get them up and running if you hadn't previously had a veg/herb/fruit garden - this means beautiful, fresh leafy greens, salads, fresh fruits and plenty of veggies to stock up the pantry and get cooking! 

Doing plenty of cooking and being creative with food is so important I think! and the best way to make sure you're doing so is by reading up on the endless opportunities you have to utilise your foods for each season. Books are fab - ebooks are super convenient, but there's something about having the beautiful looking hard copies stacked up on your book shelf and flicking through them to appreciate all of the thought, time and money that has gone in to creating them, it just makes the whole reading experience ten times better!

Below are a few amazing books full of valuable gardening tips as well as recipes to create with your fresh produce! Have a quick read of each Summary and decide which one (or seven) you will want to take home.. these ones are all from our lovely local Florist/Home+Giftware Boutique, Floral Harvest - 42 Belmore Street Yarrawonga. 

Alimentari - by Linda malcolm and paul jones.

Alimentari, meaning 'good food and groceries' in Italian, is actually a Deli/Cafe you can find on Smith Street and Brunswick Street in Melbourne VIC; stocking beautiful meats, cheeses and other small goods to take home with you, as well as offering rustic, fresh, seasonal and wholesome meals to go or to eat in! Famous for their exotic salads, paninis, wraps and great coffee - it's not a surprise people wanted to take these recipes home. In this book, the magicians in the kitchen behind the successful deli have collated all of their crowd pleasing recipes and shared their knowledge and love for food and cooking. They have all bases covered, with recipes for the Morning, Midday and Later.

The Blue Ducks In The Country - By Darren Robertson and Mark Labrooy.

Having already run a successful Cafe, Darren, Mark and the Blue Ducks team took their high level of expertise and started up a restaurant at 'The Farm' in Bryon Bay - They have taken on the ultimate farm life and use a garden-to-plate philosophy with all of the produce used to create the restaurant menu being straight from the backyard! They are strong believers in the importance of sustainability and supporting local communities - this book outlines their journey and inspires you to follow in their footsteps of living and eating sustainably! expect to see plenty of home BBQ meat and salad dishes - perfect for the time of the year that is upon us! as well as homemade relishes, dips and creative, delectable deserts and cocktails to tempt the tastebuds. Get your veggie patch and chicken pen in order, you're going to want to create your own pantry in the backyard after reading this one.

Community -Hetty McKinnon

A beautifully designed, best selling book filled with healthy veg, legume, spice and nut rich salad recipes from 'Arthur Street Kitchen' - some of these recipes are seriously amazing! inspiring creativity and diversity in the way you prepare your salads. Arthur street kitchen started out as a home delivery service (in and around Arthur Street in Surry Hills, Sydney NSW), this vego sure did know her stuff when it came to mixing seasonal produce in to wonderful, colourful and wholesome salad bowls for her broader community to enjoy. The favourites are now available to you in this book of 60 recipes! 

Food From The Fire - Niklas Ekstedt

Taking a step back in time and returning to basic, ancient cooking methods using iron skillets and pots on wood fuelled fire - this book is filled with Scandinavian inspired recipes and different cooking methods used to achieve different flavours and textures. Gas fuelled fires also work, but the real thing is much more aromatic, fun and traditional! 

Niklas, founder if the Michelin-starred EKSTEDT in Stockholm (a restaurant famous for their use of Scandinavian wood fuelled cookers only) teaches you pickling and preserving techniques as well as smoking and other cooking methods in his modernised, Northwest European style of innovative cooking and meal prep. 


The Modern Preserver - Kylee Newton

Taking you through every aspect of preserving seasonal foods to ensure no wastage and a timeless artistry in the kitchen! The mindset of your average modern cook is based around wholesomeness, education and control of what exactly is in the food, sustainability, little spoilage and utilising produce in full - no leftovers thrown away! Using ancient techniques from across the world to create delicious jams, pickles, chutneys, alcohols and sauces that can be used to complete a dish or package up nicely for a gift, Kylee sure does encourage you to become a 'modern cook'. 

Kitchen Garden Companion 'Growing' - Stephanie Alexander

Amazing cook and gardener, Stephanie inspires you to plant and grow your own vegetables, herbs and fruit, teaching you her methods the whole way through; from planting, to growing and nourishing, to picking, washing and then preparing the produce to eat. It's so rewarding to eat the foods you've grown from home! but maintaining the veggie garden certainly isn't easy and effortless, so guidance as to when exactly to plant different things, how to set up your garden layer by layer and harvest the produce properly are super handy! 

Superfoods: The Flexible Approach to Eating More Superfoods - Julie Montagu

Emphasising the importance of incorporating 'superfoods' into our daily diets despite the lack of time and patience we have to prepare them is Julies forte; in this books she gives us handy food facts and 90 delicious recipes that consist of healthy plant based ingredients that are so important to maintain gut health and get through our hectic, busy day to day lives without downing 5 coffees instead of eating correctly! These recipes are meat, dairy and refined sugar free - promoting a healthy and wholesome diet to increase energy levels, help with weight management and control of cholesterol levels as well as keep blood sugar levels down. She encourages meal preparation to make sure there are no excuses for unhealthy fast-food lunches or snacks during the day and teaches us of the benefits of eating this way - plus the recipes all look sooo good!