Hardluck Coffee Co Open The Doors To Their New Dining Room!

Our ultimate coffee 'go to' destination at 123 Belmore Street Yarrawonga have opened their new dining room subsequent to the recent extension of their Kitchen - with more food offerings comes higher demand for more seating for every man and his dog to bring the friends and fam along! Everyone wants a slice of what Hardy has to offer on their new, eclectic menu to accompany their Allpress Espresso hit - and now there's more room for activities inside! 

The big dining table is fantastic for a group brunch/lunch and the timber bench facing the window allows the morning sun to warm your seat for you before you arrive and is the ideal perch to chill out, read a magazine and watch the busy work goers in the street zoom in and out with their daily kick starter take away; or, take your computer and turn it in to your new 'home away from home office' - I know that's what I'll be doing!  

Check out my snaps from this morning of the super psychedelic 70's style wallpaper that dominates the space! accompanied by beautiful greenery, a warm and fuzzy colour pallet to brighten up your day and the beautiful morning sunlight streaming in - Hello Saturday morning hangout! 

My favourite piece of decor in the room has to be the mid-century, vintage style feature light that centres the room - It's so bold and classic! love it! 

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