The Top #5 Chicken Parmas Served In Yarrawonga/Mulwala And Bundalong

A question I get asked A LOT from both locals and tourists alike is.. 'What Pub would you recommend going to to get a good Chicken Parmy in town?' 

So.. Myself and a team of trustworthy taste testing recruits have recently set out to put a number of local Pubs that serve the old faithful, much loved, traditional Chicken Parmy to the test! and here is the final verdict - Parmys from the following restaurants came in as the favourites..

5 to 1


The Yarrawonga Hotel -

35 Belmore Street, Yarrawonga VIC

'The VIC' as the locals call it serve up my personal favourite chips! they're always crunchy and delicious with plenty of flavour! Their Parmy is pretty stock standard, yummy served with either salad or veggies.


The Bundalong Tavern -

7419 Murray Valley HWY, Bundalong VIC

The bacon instead of ham came as a bit of a surprise! I personally love the idea of the traditional recipe made with ham, however others were big fans of the crispy change up! The schnitzel was also super crunchy!


The Royal Mail Hotel -

123 Melbourne St, Mulwala NSW

The key feature of the Royals Parmy was the fact that it wasn't dished up on top of the chips!! Who else hates scraping those suckers out from underneath?!

The rolled ham wasn't my favourite as I like to try and include each layer of the Parmy in every bite, but it was still great! the odd shapes of the schnitzels gave me the impression that they're house made which is definitely a plus!


Burkes Hotel -

96 Belmore Street, Yarrawonga VIC

The plates that they serve their enormous Parma on are HUGE! and full of goodness - They cook up their greens in a nice Napoli sauce and add some roasted veggies with a flavoursome spice to the dish, I love this as it's more exciting than plain steamed veggies. So if you're one to look for best VFM then this is the one for you!


Winner winner chicken dinner.. quite literally!!

The Swinger -

88 Melbourne Street, Mulwala NSW

This was by far the biggest of all! I personally had no chance of getting through this bad boy. The winning feature of this Parmy was not just the size but the even placement and good ratio of toppings as well as the best schnitzel! the chicken was nice and tender and the crumb exterior extra crispy! making for the most delicious Chicken Parma!