Hardluck Coffee Co Open The Doors To Their New Dining Room!

The big dining table is fantastic for a group brunch/lunch and the timber bench facing the window allows the morning sun to warm your seat for you before you arrive and is the ideal perch to chill out, read a magazine and watch the busy work goers in the street zoom in and out with their daily kick starter take away; or, take your computer and turn it in to your new 'home away from home office' - I know that's what I'll be doing!  

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Souleiado Yarrawonga And Flourish Sourdough Bakery Team Up To Bring You The #1 Household Essential – Boutique Style, Authentic, Healthy Sourdough Bread

I can’t get enough of this stuff, I was super excited to be able to work with Kylie and Kelly to briefly educate you guys on the reasons we LOVE Sourdough so much and share the story behind this quality, authentic, true blue Sourdough that is on offer in Belmore street Yarrawonga!

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Raw Cacao Protein and Peanut Butter Bars - Made From The Scraps In The Pantry!

So I was getting organised for the week ahead and doing my food prep and decided I'd whip up something delicious and healthy to hit the sweet spot. I have been craving A LOT of naughty food lately and needed to make some healthy snacks to stop me from going to town on a block of chocolate! I'm a huge fan of the throw it all in and keep adding either dry or liquid ingredients until you get a good enough consistency kind of approach to making treats! Lazy I know - but it has always worked for me, so far! So I apologise in advance for the extremely rough measurements for ingredients - get close to this and run with my method and they'll be great! 

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The Top #5 Chicken Parmas Served In Yarrawonga/Mulwala And Bundalong

A question I get asked A LOT from both locals and tourists alike is.. 'What Pub would you recommend going to to get a good Chicken Parmy in town?' 

So.. Myself and a team of trustworthy taste testing recruits have recently set out to put a number of local Pubs that serve the old faithful, much loved, traditional Chicken Parmy to the test! and here is the final verdict - Parmys from the following restaurants came in as the favourites..

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Hardluck Coffee Co.

Hard Luck Coffee Co is one of my favorite coffee stops in town, owned and run by two lovely souls that are not only great Baristas who have found their niche in the coffee biz, but have created a friendly, inviting atmosphere that gives you a great industrial yet homely first impression with a funky hipster vibe!

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Seasonal Eating Guide

Being Rural, it can be harder to source fruit and vegetables that are at their freshest point - it does pay to head to the farmers market where it is all sourced close to home. Although you may end up paying a little extra, however you can happily support local farmers and be forced to experiment with foods you may not normally purchase from the supermarkets as they typically offer a wide variety of both in and out of season fruit and veg. 

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#3 Recipes That Are Great With Wine - Even When You Put It In With The Food!

I love cooking with wine! it adds a rich flavour and so much body to a winter meal.. accompanied by a glass to sip away at of course!

These recipes are great if you have a little bit left in the bottle that isn't ideal for drinking anymore to avoid wastage. These are perfect winter warmers that I make all the time! Ingredients are mostly sourced from local grocers and butchers. I also get house made pasta, sauces, oil, gormet Murray River salt falkes and a lot of seasonal vegetables from the Richglen Olive Farm on the Murray Valley Highway. You can also get a great drop of wine from all of the wineries in surrounding towns, some are on offer at local bottle shops.  

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Not Just Your Average Country Cafe

Things are a little different and quirky at one of Belmore streets most recently opened Cafes 'Thyme for Coffee', these guys aren't afraid to mix your traditional Cafe brekky and lunch menu up a bit!

So step aside smashed avo.. Thyme have created a breakfast/brunch menu containing a whole new range of mouth watering assemblages of food groups in single dishes on top of your normal crowd pleasers.

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