#7 Habits You Need To Get In To To Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer

Keeping your hair healthy can be tricky when the heat is on, it's dry, you're swimming more often and if you have long hair, you're more than likely tying it up more frequently to keep cooler!
I've had a chat with a local lady in the hair industry - Shan Stevenson at S&Co. Hair Styling By Shan, who knows the do's and don'ts when it comes to the way you treat your hair, and to add to that, she has also told us of some handy products that she advises using! These are great things to take on board no matter what the weather, but will help you especially in these warmer months. "Keeping your hair healthy should be a year round job, but over Summer it is even more important" she says. 

If you're anything like me, you're useless at caring for your hair more when you're in and out of the water allll Summer long, so take a leaf out of a professionals booklet and use these helpful tips to look after your hair better and keep it looking as good as these luscious locks below (Shans beautiful work of course!).

Top tips for swimmers:

  •  Never tie up wet hair, get out of the pool and let it air dry for as long as possible before whacking it in a top knot. 
  • Use a cleansing shampoo to avoid chlorine build up or a green tinge on blondes. 
  • A weekly mask in the shower is a must to replace lost hydration.

Other handy little tips: 

  • Try invisi bobble hair ties spiral ties that leave no kinks and don't give you breakage. 
  • Only use heat (hairdryer, straightener, tongs) on your hair once or twice a week to reduce heat damage. 
  • Be careful using oils on your hair in summer, think oil in a pan and add heat #sizzlingsausage
  • Blondes keep up the toner (my favorites include eleven blonde shampoo, delorenzo blonde shampoo and igora ice flower toning moose) 
shan @ mink and mason

6 Must have products for summer locks #kevinmurphyobsessed 

- Kevin Murphy young again mask (deep conditioning masque to use in the shower weekly) 

- Kevin Murphy maxi wash (a cleansing shampoo that will remove chlorine build up) 

- Kevin Murphy untangled spray (a leave in conditioning spray to help untangle knotty swimmers hair) 

- Kevin Murphy hydrate rinse (hyrdrating untagling conditioner) 

- Kevin Murphy shimmer me blonde (repairing blonde shine spray to untangle and give beautiful shine to blondes) 

- Kevin Murphy leave in repair (leave in cream to soften and hydrate) 

*All Kevin Murphy products are all sulphate, Paraben and cruelty free. 

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