Top Tips Everyone MUST Know Before Getting A Spray Tan

The oh so quick, easy, simple, safe and consistent way to tan - at least we all hope so anyway! I had no idea, but there is so much more to getting a spray tan than one would think!

I have sat down and had a chat with Carly from our very own Bella Pelle Body Clinic here in Yarrawonga to learn the ins and outs of the one thing a lot of us tend to be so care free about!  The reality is, it pays to know the do's and don'ts when it comes to prepping and caring for your skin when you get a tan as well as the actualities behind what is actually being sprayed on to your skin. 

These tanning tips will help you decide where and how you tan - nobody wants any kind of confusion or uncertainty when it comes to staining their skin semi-permanently, you need to know you can trust the person doing the job for sure so you don't walking away wishing you had counted non-missessippily! 

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Bella Pelles Top Tanning Tips

  • Pre-Tanning prep is always necessary. Perform a thorough exfoliation of your skin prior to your tan treatment. Using a sugar based body scrub is preferred as salt is very dehydrating on the skin.
  • Do all of your waxing or shaving a least the day before to avoid a streaky tan.

  • Do not attempt to apply spray tan solution in consecutive days — wait at least 4-5 days between applications.
  • Over applying is a thing! Do not try to go too dark all at once. Less is more when it comes to spray tanning: start with only 1-2 coats, never 3. 
  • Initial application color is ONLY BRONZER and plays no part in how the color will develop. Too much solution can be detrimental to a spray tan, and can lead to the terrible orange colour.
  • Choosing the correct DHA (dihydroxyacetone) concentration percentage, to suit the relevant skin type is SUPER important.
  •  If you have a self-tanning mishap there are a few things you can do to push out the colour. A sugar scrub will loosen up the colour and accelerate the fading process. Coat your skin in baby oil or coconut oil first, and scrub, scrub, scrub. A hot bath following the exfoliation will also help because sweating profusely will rapidly exfoliate your skin.
  • Wear loose dark clothing to your tanning appointment where possible. This will allow your tan to set with no lines or marks.
  • Avoid using deodorant or moisturizer before your spray tan appointment as it will provide a barrier to the spray tan's absorption.
  • Try not to get wet for 1–2 hours after a spray tan. So if it is raining the day of your appointment, make sure you bring a large enough umbrella to cover you.
  • Try to avoid activities that naturally exfoliate the skin — such as baths and chlorinated pool swimming. If you are going on holidays where you will be swimming you should use a tan extender to prolong and ‘top up’ your tan.
  • Keep your skin as moisturized as possible after your spray tan to increase the longevity of the tan and help you to avoid the tan wearing off in patches due to dry skin.

Interested in the finer details when it comes to what exactly is being sprayed on your skin and how ? you should be! check out Carly's Blog Post for more info.





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