When Two Local Lady Bosses Join Forces To Offer You The Ultimate, Personalised, Mobile Hair And Makeup Package

Yarrawongas’ newest Hair Salon start up, Mava Hair and Well Renown Beauty Specialists Belle Pelle Yarrawonga are officially teaming up, gifting all Brides to be and their squad of hens the ultimate, embellishing Glam-pack from the shoulders up!

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Top Tips Everyone MUST Know Before Getting A Spray Tan

The oh so quick, easy, simple, safe and consistent way to tan - at least we all hope so anyway! I had no idea, but there is so much more to getting a spray tan than one would think!

I have sat down and had a chat with Carly from our very own Bella Pelle Body Clinic here in Yarrawonga to learn the ins and outs of the one thing a lot of us tend to be so care free about!  The reality is, it pays to know the do's and don'ts when it comes to prepping and caring for your skin when you get a tan as well as the actualities behind what is actually being sprayed on to your skin. 

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A Pampering Paramedical Beauty Clinic Experience

Bella Pelle specialises in dermal therapies, advanced, result driven skin treatments such as Laser, CIT Skin Needling, Microdermabrasion, Peels, LED Therapy, Injectable treatments and Oxygen Therapy as well as incredible makeup and traditional beauty treatments to ensure total body maintenance. The beauty Therapists are all lovely, inviting and of course, well trained and very thorough in their profession

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#7 Habits You Need To Get In To To Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer

Keeping your hair healthy can be tricky when the heat is on, it's dry, you're swimming more often and if you have long hair, you're more than likely tying it up more frequently to keep cooler!
I've had a chat with a local lady in the hair industry - Shan Stevenson at S&Co. Hair Styling By Shan, who knows the do's and don'ts when it comes to the way you treat your hair, and to add to that, she has also told us of some handy products that she advises using!

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A Girls Ultimate 'How To' Guide - Trending Styles For Long Hair With Mava Hair Yarrawonga

Got those luscious, long locks that you don't bother doing much with during the morning madness of getting yourself ready for the day? 

SAME! I am the worst for not making time to tame my hair and make it look half decent - It's way easier to just throw in the 'too hard basket' when you're not good enough at styling to make it a nice, smooth and timely process, right?!

Well lucky for me! (and for you too I'm sure), I've had the pleasure of teaming up with Brooke at 'Mava Hair' - a new startup in Yarrawonga's hair salon scene who has kindly invited me in to her beautiful new Salon and taken the time to teach me how to tame those locks and actually style it properly!

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