Explore was brought to life in early 2016 when founder and blog editor Natasha Prentice recognised the importance and high demand for businesses and Tourism Boards to get their 'brand' and services on Social Media; considering the rapidly increasing tendencies for the vast majority of modern society to resort to these platforms to get fast information, reviews and a good visual representations of what they can expect from certain businesses/areas before they make a decision as to whether or not to visit them. It is the perfect way to promote businesses and the recreational offering in the area. 

The need to have content readily available for potential tourists as well as locals to search is super important these days, but can be time consuming and difficult to those struggling to keep up with the modernity. Yarrawonga/Mulwala and surrounding areas in Country Victoria/NSW have so much to offer, there really are so many amazing local people running fantastic small businesses and the area is riddled with little hidden treasures that are easily missed, not to mention the beautiful picturesque areas along the Murray River/Lake Mulwala that are so unique and an experience everyone MUST enjoy!

As a result of this realisation, Natasha decided it was a good idea to offer to promote them all from her perspective as she experiences them and display it in one, easily searchable place. This would mean that even those business owners who are a little confused by the social media world or too time poor to do it properly would have the chance to get their brand involved. From that came the Social Media pages; Facebook and Instagram (links below) where her personal representation of local businesses, opinions of products and services along with new and upcoming event details are posted to make sure both locals and tourists don't miss a thing and are able to get a good indication of what to expect from certain stores, cafes, restaurants etc. Ideally prompting people to come and visit, get ideas of activities they would like to do and places they'd like to go when they do visit, support local businesses and simply just soak up and enjoy the beautiful, provincial township she is lucky enough to call home!

As a result of the great feedback and success of the Social pages as well as Natasha's love for kicking back and getting great holiday, shopping, eatery, must try coffee and activity inspo from Blogs; she decided to launch a Blog of her own.

So here it is!

Enjoy :)